Insider Tips to Boost Your Comps and Rewards at Casinos
Insider Tips to Boost Your Comps and Rewards at Casinos

Insider Tips to Boost Your Comps and Rewards at Casinos


Casino loyalty programs, also known as player’s clubs, have become a ubiquitous part of the gambling experience in recent decades. Nearly every major casino resort now offers some form of loyalty program as a way to attract and retain customers. These programs allow players to accumulate points based on their level of play that can then be redeemed for comps like free meals, hotel stays, and other rewards. Casinos implement these programs as a form of customer relationship management, using comps and perks to foster brand loyalty among patrons. Studies show that over 75% of casino visitors in the U.S. are enrolled in at least one player’s club program. With the majority of gambling revenue coming from repeat customers, casinos rely heavily on loyalty programs as the foundation of their marketing efforts. The competitive nature of the casino industry has led to a dramatic expansion in the rewards offered to players club members. Understanding how these programs work and maximizing your benefits is key to stretching your gambling bankroll and enhancing your casino experience. This guide will provide insider tips on enrollment, point accrual, reward redemption, complementary offers, and strategies to get the most value from casino loyalty programs.


Signing up for casino loyalty programs is easy and free. Here’s how to get started:

  • Visit the player’s club desk or loyalty program counter at the casino. They are usually located near the main entrance or cashier cage.
  • Provide your name, address, phone number, and date of birth. You may need to show a valid government-issued photo ID.
  • You’ll be issued a loyalty program card on the spot with a unique account number. This card can be used to earn comps and rewards when you play.
  • In some cases, you can enroll online in advance before your casino visit. Check the website for details on online registration. Provide the same information listed above.
  • Loyalty program membership is free and no credit check or deposit is required. You just need to provide personal details for account setup.
  • Once enrolled, you can start earning points, comps, and rewards for your play. Make sure to insert your card at machines or present it when playing table games.
  • Players under the legal gambling age cannot join loyalty programs. You must be of legal age to participate.

The enrollment process is quick and simple. Sign up on your next casino trip to start earning perks and benefits. Just visit the player’s club or loyalty desk onsite to get started.

Tiered Status

Most casino loyalty programs have tiered status levels that offer greater rewards and perks the higher you progress. The lowest level is usually called something like “Member” or “Red,” while the top elite status may be “Diamond” or “Seven Stars.”

In between there are mid-tier levels like “Gold” and “Platinum” that offer better comps and rewards than the base level. To reach a higher tier, you’ll need to earn a certain number of tier credits within a year by gambling with your loyalty card inserted at slots, table games, and other casino gaming.

For example, Caesars Rewards has seven tiers, with Seven Stars status requiring 250,000 tier credits. MGM Rewards has four tiers, with M life Titanium status requiring 75,000 tier credits. The amount of play needed for top status varies by casino, but typically equates to tens of thousands in wagers.

Slot players may find it easier to rack up tier credits at a faster rate than table game players. That’s because most slots are programmed with a slightly higher overhead cost, generating more tier credits per dollar played. Still, table game players can achieve top tier status with enough hours logged playing games like blackjack, roulette and craps with average or above average bets.

No matter your game of choice, it pays to understand the tier credit requirements at your preferred casino. Focus play where you can steadily work toward the next status level to enjoy better comps and elite treatment. Check your tier credit balance regularly to see how much more is needed to reach the next level.

Earning Points

The key to maximizing comps and rewards from a casino loyalty program is to earn points. Here are some of the main ways to rack up points for status upgrades and redeemable rewards:

  • Slot play – This is one of the easiest ways to earn points. Most programs award players points based on the amount wagered. The more you play slots, the more points you’ll earn. Make sure to insert your players card before playing.
  • Table games – You can earn points for playing table games like blackjack, roulette, craps, etc. The points are usually based on the average bet and hours played. Always hand your card to the dealer.
  • Video poker – Many video poker machines are linked to the loyalty program. Like slots, you’ll earn points for the money put into action. The more hands you play, the more points.
  • Hotel stays – Staying at the casino’s hotel brand will earn you points too. You get credited for nights booked and amount spent. Las Vegas resorts in particular offer generous point earnings for staying on property.
  • Food & beverage – Most programs award a certain number of points for dining at the casino’s restaurants and bars. Charging meals and drinks to your room helps rack up points.
  • Entertainment spending – Things like shows, nightclubs, spas, shops, golf, etc. can contribute to point earnings when paid for on property. All these expenditures add up.
  • Tier multipliers – At higher loyalty tiers, you’ll get a point multiplier to increase earnings from gaming and other spend. Getting to the next tier accelerates point accrual.

The best strategy is to combine multiple point-earning activities to maximize your loyalty balance and benefits.

Redeeming Rewards

Casino loyalty programs offer a variety of tempting rewards to redeem your hard-earned points and comps. Here are some of the most common options to consider:

Cash Back

Many programs allow you to convert points into cash back. This is an easy option as the cash can be used for anything, though the conversion rate varies.

Free Play

You can redeem points for free play credits to use on slots or tables. This extends your bankroll but doesn’t have the flexibility of cash.

Comped Rooms

One of the best rewards is a free or discounted hotel room. Even on weekends and holidays, rewards can offset the cost. Just be sure to book early.

Free Meals

Programs often let you redeem points for free meals at the casino’s restaurants. This is a nice perk for saving money on dining. Check the point costs to maximize value.

Show Tickets

Seeing shows for free is a major perk. Many programs offer complimentary show tickets in exchange for a certain amount of points.


If you’d rather get something tangible, loyalty stores have electronics, housewares, and more. Just know that these rarely offer the best value for points.

Charitable Donations

For a feel-good redemption, most programs let you convert points into charitable donations to causes and nonprofits.

The key is looking at the conversion rates and weighing the pros and cons of each option based on your priorities and preferences. Check the rewards site frequently for the best offers.

Exclusive Perks

Casino loyalty programs often offer exclusive perks and amenities to their VIP members. These special offers and privileges are designed to make high-rollers feel valued and encourage them to continue spending big at the casino.

Some common exclusive perks of VIP casino loyalty programs include:

  • VIP Host/Personal Casino Host – VIPs are assigned a personal host to cater to their every need during their stay. The host can get them restaurant reservations, tickets to shows, and more.
  • VIP Check-In/Express Line Privileges – VIPs can skip long check-in lines and go directly to the VIP reception desk. Some casinos even allow VIPs to check-in via text message.
  • Premium Rooms & Suites – VIPs get access to luxury suites and premium rooms with special amenities like pool/spa access, wet bars, and more. Some rooms may include free meals, credits, and more.
  • VIP Parking – No more circling for a spot. VIPs get their own dedicated parking areas close to the casino entrance and valet service.
  • Private Gaming Areas – Separate VIP gaming rooms or areas just for high-rollers with higher limits, complimentary food/drinks, and more attentive service.
  • VIP Events & Parties – Exclusive soirees, dinners, and parties for VIP guests only, often featuring A-list entertainment and celebrity appearances.
  • VIP Transportation – Complimentary limo service to/from the airport as well as transportation to shows, restaurants, etc during their stay.
  • Spa Discounts & Access – VIPs get discounts and preferential bookings at on-site spa and salons. Some even have access to VIP-only spa suites.
  • VIP Concierge – A dedicated concierge service handles dinner reservations, travel arrangements, show tickets, and any other requests.
  • Birthday & Anniversary Perks – Special gifts, credits, or amenities offered to VIPs on their special occasions.

Gaining access to VIP perks makes high-rollers feel like royalty. Casinos offer these exclusive amenities in hopes of securing their continued loyalty and high-stakes gambling.

Earning Free Play

The best way to maximize the value of casino free play offers is to understand how they work and use some strategic tactics. Casinos provide free play credits to incentivize players to visit and spend time at their properties. While they seem straightforward, free play offers can be more complex than they first appear.

Most free play credits come with a number of restrictions and limitations. The first thing to know is that free play credits usually can’t be directly withdrawn as cash. You can only use them to make bets on games. Many free play offers also have a time limit, such as 24 hours, to use them or you lose any remaining balance.

It’s also key to understand the wagering requirements on free play credits. There is usually a playthrough requirement, meaning you have to wager the credits a certain number of times before you can withdraw any winnings. This prevents players from instantly cashing out free credits. The playthrough requirement is often 20-40x the free play amount.

With these limitations in mind, here are some tips to maximize the value from free play offers:

  • Optimize game selection – Play slots and games with a high RTP like blackjack to increase your chances of winning during the playthrough period. Avoid low RTP table games.
  • Make small bets – Spread your wagers out over more spins and hands to slowly work through the playthrough requirement while minimizing losses.
  • Play at full coin values – When playing slots, bet the maximum coin value to be eligible for big payouts. This increases your winning potential.
  • Cash out winnings incrementally – Withdraw portions of any winnings during the playthrough period so you guarantee keeping some of the profits.
  • Watch for timed offers – Be aware of any countdown timers and use all free play credits before they expire.
  • Look for low playthrough offers – Seek out promotions with smaller playthrough requirements, like 10-20x, for the best chance to clear and withdraw winnings.

With some experience and the right approach, casino free play offers can become a valuable way to build your bankroll over time if used strategically. The key is learning how to navigate the limitations and requirements while playing to maximize your winning potential.

Status Matching

Successfully matching your existing rewards status at one casino to a higher tier status at another casino can be extremely lucrative. This allows you to skip right to the upper tiers of a new loyalty program, instead of slowly working your way up from the bottom tier.

Many casinos allow a one-time status match as part of their signup promotions. However, even casinos without an advertised status match offer may grant you a courtesy match, especially if you have elite status at a competing casino. Some specific tips for getting a status match:

  • Focus on matching to Mlife (MGM Resorts), Caesars Rewards, or the Hyatt Globalist casino program, as these tend to have the most valuable elite perks.
  • Present a copy of your current players card showing your account name and elite tier status level. The higher your status, the better chance of approval.
  • Be willing to share details on your level of play, including average bet sizes, frequency of play, and past spending. Proving you deserve the status can help.
  • Ask politely and explain why you desire the status match. Emphasize you frequently visit their casino city and are strongly considering shifting more play to their properties.
  • If initially denied, try asking again through the VIP host department rather than just the players card desk. Management has more discretion.
  • Book direct through the hotel VIP services at the matched casino for your upcoming trips. Then notify your host you shifted your business and want to earn the status.
  • Don’t be afraid to name drop competing casinos and leverage status matches against each other. This shows you are a valuable player worthy of elite status.

With preparation and persistence, you can leverage status matches to skip to the highest loyalty tiers and maximize casino comps, free play, room upgrades, and other elite rewards.


Casino loyalty programs award points and comps based on your level of play. Here are some insider tips to maximize the rewards you can earn:

Play slots and video poker

Slots and video poker have a 100% return to player, meaning the casino has built in its edge. Every dollar you put through a slot machine earns you reward points. Focus on playing these types of games to rack up points quicker.

Table games have lower earn rates

While playing table games like blackjack and roulette is fun, you’ll earn rewards at a lower rate compared to slots. For every $100 bet at blackjack you may only earn 50-75 points. Consider playing tables sparingly if your goal is to earn rewards.

Use your players card properly

Be sure to insert your players card into the machine before you start playing. Never remove it while in the middle of gaming session, as this can reset your points. When taking a break, keep your card inserted. You want every wager to be tracked accurately.

Take advantage of promotions

Look for special promotions like bonus point days or point multipliers for using your card. Sign up for the casino’s newsletter or social media to be notified of upcoming offers. These can help boost your balance quicker.

Earn status faster

Many programs let you earn status faster by staying at the casino’s hotel or through slot play. A one-night stay may count as 1-2 days of earned status. High-tier slot play can jump start your status. Check requirements to see if these options apply.

Remember tier benefits

Review your tier benefits so you can take full advantage. Higher tiers include free rooms, dining discounts, free play offers, gifts, exclusive events, and more. Know your benefits and use them.

Pool points with others

Some programs let you share or pool points with other members. Find out if you can combine balances with a spouse or friend. Combining points can help you redeem rewards sooner.

Status match to skip levels

If you have status at another casino, ask for a status match. Provide proof of your level and tier benefits may be matched, letting you skip lower tiers. This makes it easier to unlock top-level rewards.

Remember, rewards promote loyalty

The more you play, the more you earn. Don’t forget the casino gives these rewards to keep you coming back. Make sure you still play responsibly within your budget and time constraints.


Maximizing your casino comps and rewards takes strategy, planning, and a bit of patience. The key tips to remember are:

  • Enroll in as many casino loyalty programs as you can to earn initial status and offers. Nearly all programs are free to join.
  • Understand and track the tier requirements for status. Check if your current play can boost your status. If not, plan extra visits or higher spend around status deadlines.
  • Know how each casino program calculates rewards points so you can focus play where you earn the most. Always use your loyalty card when playing.
  • Learn the various redemption options and point values so you get the best value from your points. Use points at the highest rate before they expire.
  • Take advantage of all the additional perks available with elevated status tiers, such as free parking, room discounts, gifts, and invitations to special events.
  • Earn the maximum free play allowances available for your tier. Use free play on favorable games with the highest returns.
  • Request status matches between competing casinos to jump start higher status benefits in the new program. Provide proof of play.
  • Have a strategy for which casinos you visit, games you play, and how much you spend to maximize rate of rewards accumulation. Focus on high tier properties.
  • Patronize the casinos that provide you the most comps and rewards for your level of play. Avoid spending beyond your means just to earn negligible extra rewards.

With some dedication and smart play choices, you can get the most value from casino loyalty programs. Use these tips to enjoy more complimentary perks and rewards.

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